H. Dogan

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We investigate the acoustic wave propagation in bubbly liquid inside a pilot sonochemical reactor which aims to produce antibacterial medical textile fabrics by coating the textile with ZnO or CuO nanoparticles. Computational models on acoustic propagation are developed in order to aid the design procedures. The acoustic pressure wave propagation in the(More)
  • Hakan Dogana, Timothy G. Leightona, Paul R. Whitea, Hakan Dogan
  • 2014
More than three decades ago, Anderson and Hampton [1, 2] (A&H) presented theories for wave propagation in gassy water, saturated sediments and gassy sediments in their two-part review, which has been cited by many researchers in the geoacoustics and underwater acoustics areas. They gave an empirical formulation based on the theory of Spitzer [3] for the(More)
In wireless communication systems information symbols are transmitted through a communication channel which are affected many degradation factors. Besides fading and mul-tipath effect of channel, transmitted symbols are significantly suffered from various noise effects. Additive white Gaussian Noise (AWGN) is a well-known concept as noise which is mentioned(More)
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