H. Dietze

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BACKGROUND Optic neuritis is a frequent manifestation of multiple sclerosis. Visual deficits range from a minor impairment of visual functions through to complete loss of vision. Although many patients recover almost completely, roughly 35% of patients remain visually impaired for years, and therapeutic options for those patients hardly exist. Vision(More)
Anthropogenic emissions of nitrogen (N) to the atmosphere have been strongly increasing during the last century, leading to greater atmospheric N deposition to the oceans. The North Atlantic subtropical gyre (NASTG) is particularly impacted. Here, upwind sources of anthropogenic N from North American and European sources have raised atmospheric N deposition(More)
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A total of 21,040 electroencephalograms obtained from 6,834 children constituting the routine patient stock of an electroencephalographic department of a pediatric clinic were checked for "frequency instability". It was possible to observe an age dependence of this characteristic and determine statistical correlations with certain clinical disease units(More)
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