H. Dharma Kwon

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In project management, most manufacturers (project managers) offer no delayed payment contracts under which each supplier (contractor) will receive a pre-specified payment when she completes her task. However, some manufacturers impose delayed payment contracts under which each supplier is paid only after all suppliers have completed their tasks. In this(More)
Twitter is a social news service in which information is selected and distributed by individual members of the tweet audience. While communication literature has studied traditional news media and the propagation of information, to our knowledge there have been no studies of the new social media and their impacts on the propagation of news during extreme(More)
Some manufacturers impose a time-based contract on their suppliers under which each supplier is paid only when all of the suppliers have completed their tasks. We investigate whether or not the manufacturer ought to demand such a delayed payment contract. In our model with one manufacturer and two suppliers, we compare the impact of both a delayed payment(More)
This paper investigates how firms can use synergy to optimize their information technology portfolios. We begin by developing a framework for the portfolio selection by identifying three types of information technology synergy. Next, we use this framework to examine the impact of different types of synergy on the portfolio selection. Analytical models are(More)
We study the employee retention and job assignment strategy of growth-oriented entrepreneurial firms in which the employee’s capability is unknown to both the firm and the employee. As the employee performs his task, both the firm and the employee update their common belief about the employee’s capability based on the noisy profit stream from the employee’s(More)
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