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4-Methyl-5-(2-pyrazinyl)-1,2-dithiole-3-thione (35 972 R.P., oltipraz) and its metabolites were extracted from human urine and from mouse, rat and monkey urine using Amberlite XAD4 resin. The metabolites were identified by GLC, TLC and HPLC and isolated by preparative TLC or HPLC. The structures of 11 compounds were determined by spectroscopic examination(More)
Carpipramine administered orally is excreted via the urine and faeces in rat, rabbit, dog and man. Many metabolites are formed, including several conjugates in the urine. A total of 20-25 metabolites was detected by t.l.c. and h.p.l.c., 16 of which were isolated and identified. Three metabolic pathways were observed: hydroxylation of the iminodibenzyl ring(More)
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