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A generalization of the allosteric model is presented that incorporates a hierarchy of conformational equilibria. Such a formulation draws upon structural organization already seen in many large macromolecular systems. The functional binding properties of the macromolecule reflect conformational equilibria at each structural level. Appropriate "nested"(More)
As part of a collaborative research program between NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC), and the U.S. Army Laboratory, a series of experiments is being performed in GRC’s 500 HP OH-58 Transmission Test Rig facility and ARC’s AH-1 Cobra and OH-58c helicopters. The findings reported in this paper were drawn from Phase-1 of a(More)
The effectiveness of five recently developed contagion masks in filtering air-borne particles (1 to 5 mu diam) has been reported. One mask, available in four sizes, was 99% efficient. This mask can be reused after sterilization. The other four masks are available in only one size and are intended to be used one time only. Two of these four disposable types(More)
To minimize the chance of injury or disease from toxic or infectious substances, laboratory personnel are increasingly confining hazardous techniques to enclosed ventilated work cabinets. T'Ae well established use of the fume hood for chemistry has been extended to other laboratory sciences. The Atomic Energy Commission has been particularly active in this(More)
We have examined the competitive binding of oxygen and carbon monoxide to the multisubunit hemocyanin of the tarantula Eurypelma californicum. Employment of high-precision thin-layer methods has enabled detailed characterization of the pure oxygen and pure carbon monoxide binding curves, as well as binding curves performed under mixed-gas conditions. The(More)