H. Daniel Diaz Garcia

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The corneal maps displayed on commercially available corneal topography instruments are really one-dimensional, defining quantities only along a meridian, and ignoring shape information along any other direction. Both axial and instantaneous power have the drawbacks that there is a singularity at the center data point on the videokeratograph axis, and the(More)
Several methods for representing pupil plane aberrations based on wavefront height, slope, and curvature are discussed. The choice of reference axis and reference surface is shown to strongly affect the appearance of the representation. Special attention will be paid to the use of the line of sight (the line from the fixation point to the center of the(More)
The Business Process Management field addresses design, improvement, management, support, and execution of business processes. In doing so, we argue that it focuses more on developing modeling notations and process design approaches than on the needs and preferences of the individual who is modeling (i.e., the user). New data-centric process modeling(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if a change in forward head posture and occipital extension occurred in participants who wore multifocal lenses vs. those persons with non-multifocal lenses while performing an 8-min visual reading task on a visual display unit (VDU). Forty-two healthy human participants were recruited for this study. Thirty-three(More)
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