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This study examines advice and uncertainty management, in the context of cancer survivorship, with specific emphasis on the relative influence of target receptiveness, advice content, and advice optimism on uncertainty-management processes, coping processes, and advice evaluation. Cancer survivors (N = 184) completed a questionnaire (online or paper)(More)
Cristina L. Byrne Federal Aviation Administration Darin S. Nei Hogan Assessment Systems Jamie D. Barrett Devon Energy Corporation Michael G. Hughes University of Oklahoma Joshua L. Davis Linkage, Inc. Jennifer A. Griffith University of Oklahoma Lauren N. Harkrider University of Oklahoma Kimberly S. Hester University of Oklahoma Amanda D. Angie U.S.(More)
Ideological groups use the Internet to deliver their messages unhindered by the constraints of traditional media. We examined how ideological groups promote their worldview through their websites. Using the elaboration likelihood model (ELM), this research used trained coders to examine the websites of nonideological groups (n= 37), nonviolent ideological(More)
As members of a fiercely independent and individualistic profession, physicians have historically resisted the lure of organizing into collectives and have steadfastly maintained their autonomy. With the advent of managed care, the conditions of work have been altered and many of the assumptions guiding unions and collective bargaining have taken on renewed(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine characteristics of communication quality in a managed care context in which a nurse call center was used as the patient point of entry to the health system. The study sought to determine the level of communication quality among patients, health care providers, and nurses in the call center. Having measured the(More)
By its nature, the date that a baby is predicted to be born, or the due date, is uncertain. How women construct the uncertainty of their due dates may have implications for when and how women give birth. In the United States as many as 15% of births occur before 39 weeks because of elective inductions or cesarean sections, putting these babies at risk for(More)
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