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Two cytoplasmic variants of the alpha 6 integrin, alpha 6A and alpha 6B, have been identified previously (Hogervorst, F., I. Kuikman, A. G. van Kessel, and A. Sonnenberg. 1991. Eur. J. Biochem. 199:425-433; Cooper, H. M., R. N. Tamura, and V. Quaranta. 1991. J. Cell Biol. 115:843-850). Using synthetic peptides, containing sequences of their cytoplasmic(More)
Integrin alpha 6 beta 4 is expressed in human peripheral nerves, but not in the central nervous system. This integrin heterodimer has previously been found in perineural fibroblast-like cells and in Schwann cells (SCs), which both assemble a basement membrane but do not form hemidesmosomes. We show here that in SCs, which had formed a myelin sheath, alpha 6(More)
We have isolated clonal cell lines from a transplanted adenocarcinoma induced by the RIII strain of mouse mammary tumor virus in a BALB/c mouse. Three major morphological cell types of these lines are developmentally linked; polygonal cells give rise to cuboidal and then to elongated cells. All cell lines expressed markers that are characteristic of mammary(More)
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