H. D. Townsend

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Many exercises are used to strengthen the glenohumeral muscles, but there have been limited studies to evaluate the exercises. Thus, the purpose of this study was to decide how the muscles responsible for humeral motion can best be exercised in a rehabilitation program for the throwing athlete. Dynamic, fine wire, intramuscular electromyography was carried(More)
The interference observed between two Bose-Einstein condensates demonstrated clearly the long-range coherence of a Bose condensate [1]. The fringe contrast is directly related to first-order coherence. Our paper [2] showed that previous measurements of the interaction energy of a condensate can be reinterpreted as a measure for second-order coherence and(More)
We present results of a 90 ks Chandra X-ray observation of the young Orionis cluster (age $ 3 Myr) obtained with the HETGS. We use the high-resolution grating spectrum and moderate-resolution CCD spectrum of the massive central star Ori AB (O9:5 V þ B0:5 V) to test wind shock theories of X-ray emission and also analyze the high spatial resolution zero-order(More)
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