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(z-w); h8:=h8-~-fXu; h9:=h9+fXv end; hh := hl X h2-h3 X h3; ifhh = O then go to exit; h = 1/hh; alpha := h X (h4Xh2-h3Xh5); beta := h X (hlXh5-h3Xh4); Fgamm := fB := h6 X (alpha+beta) X (alpha-beta) + alpha X beta X h7-alpha X h8 + beta X h9 end Fgamma; if beginB = endB then begin Fgamma(B, fB); go to CC end Rootfinder (Fgamma, beginB, endB, eps, gamm,(More)
Although there is some computing literature available dealing with the topic of encryption and security transformations, the subject IS relatively new to most computation centers, and because of the nature of security perhaps, few implemented algorithms seem to be available. A one-way enciphering algorithm is described which evaluates a family of(More)
DESCRIPTION This algorithm is a Fortran implementation of the procedures developed in [1]. Its purpose is to serve as a machine independent model for studying the evaluation of polynomials mod P and for the implementation of more efficient machine dependent system utility programs for enciphering passwords. ALGORITHM [Summary information and part of the(More)
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