H. -D. Gaisser

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In the presence of copper certain 2,2′-bipyridyls show antimycoplasmal activity, whereas copper itself causes a toxic effect. In this paper results are presented to elucidate the mechanism of copper uptake in the presence of 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline. The time course of copper and/or ligand uptake under the applied conditions is consistent with a(More)
Determinations of log P values of copper complexes in oil/water were performed in a new, totally closed apparatus connected with a filter-probe extractor. The results indicate that the system may be generally suitable for the determination of log P values of oxidizable and nonoxidizable metal complexes. In the case of the copper (I) complexes(More)
A general method for the determination of overall conditional formation constants of copper(II) complexes of mycoplasma growth medium (Adler) constituents together with the protonation constants of the complexing ligands was developed. In Adler medium a total of 0.204±0.004 molar copper binding sites proved to be present with log β2=8.14±0.05 (μ= 0.11) and(More)
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