H. D. Furness

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Cynodon dactylon meadows occupying seasonally inundated areas of the Pongolo river floodplain, South Africa, decompose during periods of submergence. The loss of dry matter and nutrients from both fresh and dried material enclosed in litter bags was studied. The pattern of loss of dry matter was diphasic. Loss was more rapid from dried than from fresh(More)
Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. forms extensive meadows on seasonally inundated areas of the Pongolo river floodplain. As floodwaters receded during winter, the shoots of C. dactylon which had not decomposed during submergence sprouted. Crop growth rate was high (up to 23 kg/ha/d dry mass) and the meadows were heavily grazed by domestic stock which removed up(More)
Daily variation in water potential was measured inCynodon dactylon in seasonally flooded areas of the Pongolo river floodplain. Soil moisture declined during the dry winter season when the plants were exposed, causing them to experience increasing water stress. Fog and mist appeared to relieve stress but it is concluded that water stress is sufficient to(More)
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