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IN order to make a jucdicious clhoice of the antiseptic most likely to give useful results in the treatment of infected wounds m:lany different factors lhave to be considered in addition to germicidal activity, including tlle irritating properties of the substances, their toxicity, solubility, ability to penetrate tissues and to be absorbed, and their(More)
The study of the mechanisms of the chemical oxidations carried out in the animal body is a problem which has long been recognized to be of great importance, but the prosecution of this line of research has met with so many experimental difficulties that at the present time our knowledge of the subject is extremely meagre. It is not yet possible to form a(More)
The statement that a knowledge of the mechanism of the reactions involved in the tissue oxidation of fats or fatty acids would be of the utmost importance for the progress of physiological chemistry cannot he gainsaid; but the difficulties attending efforts to obtain an insight into these processes are so great that up to the present but little progress has(More)