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—Thresholding is an important topic for image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. Selecting thresholds is a critical issue for many applications. The fuzzy set theory has been successfully applied to many areas, such as control, image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, medicine, social science, etc. It is generally believed(More)
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among women around the world. Several techniques are available for detection of breast cancer. Mammography is one of the most effective tools for early detection. The goal of this research is to increase the diagnostic accuracy of image processing and machine learning techniques for optimum classification(More)
This paper presents a thresholding approach by performing fuzzy partition on a two-dimensional (2-D) histogram based on fuzzy relation and maximum fuzzy entropy principle. The experiments with various gray level and color images have demonstrated that the proposed approach outperforms the 2-D nonfuzzy approach and the one dimensional (1-D) fuzzy partition(More)
Image enhancement is one of the most important issues in low-level image processing. Mainly, enhancement methods can be classified into two classes: global and local methods. In this paper, the multi-peak generalized histogram equalization (multi-peak GHE) is proposed. In this method, the global histogram equalization is improved by using multi-peak(More)