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Mit Hilfe von Ling-Gerard-Mikroelektroden wurde unter Verwendung einer Brückenschaltung an einzelnen Skeletmuskelzellen von fünf niereninsuffizienten Patienten eine deutliche Erhöhung der Schwellenreizstromstärke um 2,40 × 10−8 Amp gegenüber der Norm (sechs klinisch gesunde Personen) gemessen, d. h. von 4,35 (s=±2,13) × 10−8 Amp auf 6,73 (s=±2,50)·10−8 Amp(More)
In 167 patients with congenital and acquired heart disease (ventricular septum defect (VSD), atrial septum defect (ASD), mitral stenosis (MS), mitral insufficiency (MI), combined mitral stenosis and insufficiency (MV) aortic stenosis (AS), aortic insufficiency (AI), combined aortic stenosis and insufficiency (AV), idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis(More)
Bei 4 Patienten mit ausgeprägtem chronischen allgemeinen Kaliummangel verschiedener Ätiologie fanden wir bei einem Membranruhepotential von —99,6 (s=±5,9) mV eine Schwellenreizstromstärke von 4,37 (s=±2,18) · 10−8 A und eine Latenzzeit von 27,2 (s=±10,2) msec. Gegenüber Kontrolluntersuchungen an gesunden Personen war das Ruhepotential um 16,0 mV [normal(More)
In 377 single muscle cells of 10 rats with alimentary potassium depletion we found under influence of ouabain (10−5 g/ml) a resting membrane potential (RMP) of −76.5 (s=±5.9) mV. This RMP is 15.2 mV lower than the control: −91.7 (s=±6.0) mV, measured in 344 cells of the same muscle without ouabain. The measurements were performed in vitro in a modified(More)
The minimally remaining force of contraction under the influence of hypoxia was measured in isolated right-ventricular papillary muscles of the guinea-pig, incubated in hypoxic (pO2 90 mm Hg) and oxygenated (pO2 630 mm Hg) buffer solution. With insulin (0.05 IE/ml) and elevated glucose (300 mg% compared to 100 mg%) the force of contraction fell to only(More)
In 102 single muscle cells of 7 rats with alimentary potassium depletion we found under influence of insulin (0.1 I.U./ml) a depolarisation of 11.2 mV, i.e. from −94.6 (s=±6.4)mV (100 cells) to −83.4 (s=±6.8)mV (p<0.001). The potassium concentration in the incubation medium was 4.7 (s=±0.29) mequ/l. — In addition we measured under influence of insulin (0.1(More)
In 20 patients with coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure III/IV (NYHA) we studied the effects of a combined infusion of Natriumnitroprusside (NP) c 20–80 µg/min) and Dobutamine (Db) (5 µg/min/kg) comparing this with changes found by infusing NP or Db alone. Combined infusion had the following results: a decrease of mean aortic pressure from(More)
The muscle mechanical and haemodynamic effects of adriamycin were investigated in guinea pigs and rats by use of isolated myocardium (isometric contractions of papillary muscles of guinea pigs and rats) and in situ preparations (haemodynamic parameters in thoracotomized rats). 1. Adriamycin (10−6 to 10−3 M) produced a concentration-dependent negative(More)
In 2 groups of patients with mitral valvular incompetence (MI,n=20) and aortic valvular incompetence (AI,n=22) intracardiac pressures as well as left ventricular volumes (enddiastolic volume, endsystolic volume, stroke volume, ejection fraction, regurgitant volume) were determined during routine left heart catheterization and left ventriculography. Data(More)