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We present the results of the first search for gravitational wave bursts associated with high energy neutrinos. Together, these messengers could reveal new, hidden sources that are not observed by conventional photon astronomy, particularly at high energy. Our search uses neutrinos detected by the underwater neutrino telescope ANTARES in its 5 line(More)
F. Confortola,1 D. Bemmerer,2,* H. Costantini,1 A. Formicola,3 Gy. Gyürky,4 P. Bezzon,5 R. Bonetti,6 C. Broggini,2,† P. Corvisiero,1 Z. Elekes,4 Zs. Fülöp,4 G. Gervino,7 A. Guglielmetti,6 C. Gustavino,3 G. Imbriani,8 M. Junker,3 M. Laubenstein,3 A. Lemut,1 B. Limata,9 V. Lozza,2 M. Marta,6 R. Menegazzo,2 P. Prati,1 V. Roca,9 C. Rolfs,10 C. Rossi Alvarez,2(More)
The absolute cross section σ(E) for the radiative capture reaction 7Be(p, γ )8B at the center-ofmass energiesE = 0.32 to 2.61 MeV has been measured using a 7Be target deposited on a Cu backing and observing the β-delayed α-particles from 8B. The backing causes a loss of less than 1% of the 8B residual nuclides. The resulting astrophysical S(E) factor at(More)
Deep underground in Gran Sasso National Laboratory (Italy), at the LUNA facility, the cross section of the 14N(p,γ )15O, the slowest process of the CNO cycle, has been measured at energies much lower than * Corresponding author. Tel.: +39 010 353 6439; fax: +39 010 314218. E-mail address: prati@ge.infn.it (P. Prati). 1 Present address: Dipartimento di(More)
H. Costantini,1,2 R. J. deBoer,2,* R. E. Azuma,2,3 M. Couder,2 J. Görres,2 J. W. Hammer,2,† P. J. LeBlanc,2 H. Y. Lee,4 S. O’Brien,2 A. Palumbo,2 E. C. Simpson,5 E. Stech,2 W. Tan,2 E. Uberseder,2 and M. Wiescher2 1Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Genova, Genova, Italy 2Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana(More)