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Microbore reversed-phase HPLC with on-line ion-spray mass spectrometric detection is proposed for a study of polymorphism of rabbit liver metallothionein (MTRL) and its major isoforms MT-1 and MT-2. Separation conditions had been optimized until each chromatographic peak could be attributed to a single metalloprotein species, of which the molecular mass(More)
Post-column acidification of the chromatographic effluent was developed to eliminate artefacts in investigations of the polymorphism of metallothionein (MT) by microbore reversed-phase HPLC with detection by pneumatically assisted electrospray mass spectrometry. Metallated species (Cd, Zn and mixed Cd-Zn complexes) were decomposed on-line to produce apo(More)
Pneumatically assisted electrospray mass spectrometry (ESMS) in the direct mode and as a chromatographic detection technique was developed for the characterization of horse kidney metallothionein isoforms. Direct analysis in an acidic medium showed the presence of three major and five minor isoforms, the molecular masses of which were determined. The(More)
The use of ion-spray mass spectrometry rendered it possible to characterize the signals obtained during studies of the polymorphism of metallothionein (MT) by reversed-phase (RP) HPLC in terms of the molecular mass. Artefact signals due to incomplete metallation, exchange of metals with the impurities of the column stationary phase and cross-contamination(More)
Four different hyphenated techniques: microbore reversed phase (RP) HPLC-ICP MS, CZE-ICP MS, RP HPLC-ES MS and CZE-ES MS were investigated for the characterization of metallothionein-metal complexes under neutral pH conditions. Particular attention was given to the differentiation between metallothionein and artifact signals, identification of mixed-metal(More)
Analytical chemistry of metallothioneins based on the coupling of a high resolution separation technique with an element or species selective detection technique is discussed. The role of size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) with on-line atomic spectrometric detection for the quantification of metallothionein fraction in cell cytosols is evaluated.(More)
To date, most of works concerning metallothioneins have been referring either to the MT-fraction (as isolated by gel filtration) or to two MT-isoforms resulting from the further fractionation of the MT-fraction by anion-exchange chromatography into MT-1 (eluting first) and MT-2 (eluting second). However, a further characterization of these fractions by(More)
The simultaneous determination of copper and zinc in human plasma and urine by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP MS) is discussed. The performances of a cross-flow nebulizer and a direct-injection nebulizer (DIN) were compared. Flow-injection-DIN-ICP MS analysis of clinical samples using 1-2 mul samples was optimized. Isobaric interferences(More)
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