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35 consecutive pancreatic trauma were operated (21 blunt trauma and 14 penetrating injuries). 30 patients were operated in emergency and diagnosis was suspected before laparotomy in only one case. 12 patients had a superficial lesion, 21 had a wirsung disruption (14 in the left pancreas, 7 in the right pancreas), 2 had a diffuse pancreatitis. For the 30(More)
The authors report a case of hemo-lymphangioma from the body and the tail of the pancreas. Through a review of the literature, the histological, histogenetical and clinical features of this disease are recalled and the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are considered. These are benign tumors and their treatment must be surgical and radical. Two(More)
Different surgical models are used in the dog for studying gastric secretion: gastric fistula, denervated Heidenhain pouch, innervated Amdrup pouch and cervical esophagostomy. The surgical procedures are described as well as the care and the monitoring allowing long-term survival of the animals. The association of gastric fistula - Heidenhain pouch has been(More)
A patient with typical clinical and biochemical features of a glucagonoma also presented obvious signs of hypokalemia, indicating combined secretion of renin by the tumor. The latter was voluminous, was located in the tail of the pancreas and was of a malignant nature as shown by the development of secondary hepatic metastases. Syndromes associated with(More)