H Cavazos

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PURPOSE Previous works show a pronounced disagreement on the reliability of stereo tests as screening tools for amblyopia and strabismus. This study's aim was to compare the ability of the Lang II, Frisby, Randot, Titmus, and TNO stereo tests to detect amblyopia and strabismus with visual acuity testing and cover testing. METHODS A total of 1035 school(More)
Hypermetropia of more than 5 diopters or an astigmatism of 2 diopters or more is often the cause of amblyopia in the master eye, independent of the presence of a simultaneous strabismus or anisometropia. This amblyopia can be prevented with early spectacle correction. In the authors' study of 218 patients with high ametropia a correlation was not always(More)
The visual acuity values obtained with the four test figures of Lithander's "Kolt-test" have been compared with Landolt ring acuity under standardized conditions which meet the requirements of DIN 58,220 and ISO/DIS 8596/7. For a given test figure size, the Kolt-test optotypes turned out to be somewhat easier legible than the Landolt ring. On average,(More)
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