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A built-in I/sub DDQ/ monitor for CMOS digital circuits with low power supply voltage perturbation is presented. It minimizes the extra delay of the CUT in normal operation. An automatic recovery mechanism limits the drop in VDD voltage during the testing phase so the data storage is not perturbed. The I/sub DDQ/ current level may be measured by a standard(More)
With increasing integration levels, more and more ICs and systems-on-chip turn into mixed-signal designs. Typical examples are telecom (Bluetooth, WLAN, xDSL…) and multimedia (digital video, MP3 audio…) systems. This hot topic session will explore the challenges that designers face with these mixed-signal designs, covering both technical and methodological(More)
Application of Multichip Packages is becoming more and more interesting for small-sized, lightweight , cost-sensitive portable consumer equipment. After hearing our panellists on marketing, design, testing, substrates, packages, ppm budgets and KGD issues related to MCPs for consumer applications, we like you to join us in a discussion on the pros and cons(More)