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We have investigated the effect of the E1a region of adenovirus on the expression of the E1b transcriptional unit in mouse L tk- cells. To that end we have fused the promoter region of the E1b gene of Ad12 to the coding sequence of the thymidine kinase gene of herpes simplex virus type 1. We found that expression of this fusion gene is completely dependent(More)
1. Carbon tetrachloride (0.2 ml/kg) and L-4-oxalysine (200 mg/kg per day for two days) were administered to male mice separately, and together, and the liver drug-metabolizing parameters measured. 2. Carbon tetrachloride alone depleted hepatic microsomal protein content by 50% and cytosolic sulphydryl compounds by 90%; oxalysine alone had no effect. 3.(More)
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