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A module generator is described that allows for the generation of synthesizable VHDL modules which implement arbitrary functions in fixed point precision using the Symmetric Table Addition Method (STAM). This module generator was interfaced to a high level synthesis tool “fly” which automatically generates fully-pipelined circuits from a Perl-like language.(More)
Celiac disease (CD) is an autoimmune disease characterized by mucosal inflammation and villous atrophy of the small bowel upon exposure to ingested gluten. Although common in developed countries, it is extremely rare in the Chinese population. Refractory celiac disease (RCD) is a rare complication of CD with poor prognosis. Patients may die of severe(More)
Having succeeded in doing hemithyroidectomies and also parathyroidectomies through an endoscopic approach, we are fully convinced that endoscopic neck surgery is set to open up new horizons in the ever-expanding field of minimally invasive surgery. Not only was the postoperative discomfort greatly reduced, but the cosmetic results, a primary concern in neck(More)
Computer arithmetic is a specialist field of study, and it is very difficult for designers to choose the most efficient method for implementing a given algorithm due to the large number of design choices available. In this paper, an object oriented arithmetic library is presented which can be used to simulate and generate designs which use fixed, floating,(More)
Based on the rationale that hemodynamic, oxygen transport, and perfusion derangements describe physiologically important abnormalities in critically ill patients, we devised a Critical Care Scoring System (CCSS). The database includes a retrospective analysis of 318 patients managed with pulmonary artery catheters during 1986 to 1988. For comparison, Acute(More)
The left lobe of the liver needs to be constantly retracted upward while laparoscopic dissection of the esophageal hiatus is being performed in a variety of operations, such as vagotomy, fundoplication, and esophageal myotomy. Many surgeons advocate using the suction and irrigation tube passed through the subxiphoid or the right subcostal trocar for(More)
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