H. C. Wu

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With the promises of smart grids, power can be more efficiently and reliably generated, transmitted, and consumed over conventional electricity systems. Through the two-way flow of information between suppliers and consumers, the grids can also adapt more readily to the increased penetration of renewable energy sources and encourage users' participation in(More)
This paper presents the fabrication, design and electrical performance of magnetic thin-film inductors for monolithic integration with CMOS for DC-DC power conversion. Magnetic core inductors were fabricated using conventional CMOS processes to achieve peak inductance density of 290nH/mm 2 , quality factor 15 at 150MHz, current density exceeding 11A/mm 2(More)
This paper presents an efficient detection and classification algorithm of multiple-class myocardial infarction (MI) (i.e., prior and acute), which is one of mortality diseases for humans. However, feature extraction is one of the challenges in MI classification as the extracted features may not be optimized for class separation. To this end, we propose a(More)