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The principal component analysis (PCA) is a valuable tool in multivariate statistics, and it is an effective method for fault detection in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and other related applications. However, its online implementation requires the computation of eigendecomposition (ED) or singular value decomposition. To reduce the arithmetic complexity,(More)
1  Abstract—This brief introduces a new and practical human-machine interface (HMI) system based on single-channel electrooculography (EOG) signals. The proposed system uses a consumer wireless recording device to collect EOG and employs new encoding/decoding paradigms to covey users' intentions with EOG from eye movements including blinking and looking(More)
With the promises of smart grids, power can be more efficiently and reliably generated, transmitted, and consumed over conventional electricity systems. Through the two-way flow of information between suppliers and consumers, the grids can also adapt more readily to the increased penetration of renewable energy sources and encourage users' participation in(More)
This paper proposes a new method for preliminary identification of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) from gene microarray cancer databased on ridge partial least squares (RPLS) with recursive feature elimination (RFE) and novel Brier and occurrence probability measures. It facilitates the preliminary identification of meaningful pathways and genes for a(More)
Sergey I. Bozhko,1,2 Sergey A. Krasnikov,1 Olaf Lübben,1 Barry E. Murphy,1 Kevin Radican,1 Valery N. Semenov,2 Han Chun Wu,1 Brendan Bulfin,1 and Igor V. Shvets1,* 1Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland 2Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences,(More)
The functional principal component analysis (FPCA) is a recent tool in multivariate statistics and it has been shown to be effective for electricity price forecasting. However, its online implementation is expensive, which requires the computation of eigen-decomposition at each update. To reduce the arithmetic complexity, we propose a recursive dynamic(More)
A compact stack antenna consisting of square loop resonators, aperture couples, feed line and the perturbation for dualband and circular polarization (CP) applications is proposed in this paper. This perturbation applies both dual-mode and orthogonal mode effects existing in the square loop resonator to present wide-band and CP characteristics(More)
A new circularly-polarized (CP) sleeve antenna fed by a CPW for DTV signal reception applications is presented in this paper. The CPW-fed sleeve monopole antenna consists of square loop sleeve, CPW-fed and complementary SIR radiators. The lower and upper resonance frequencies of the desired band are controlled by the complementary SIR arms, making designs(More)