H.C.W van Dalen

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The fusogenic properties of gramicidin were investigated by using large unilamellar dioleoylphosphatidylcholine vesicles. It is shown that gramicidin induces aggregation and fusion of these vesicles at peptide to lipid molar ratios exceeding 1/100. Both intervesicle lipid mixing and mixing of aqueous contents were demonstrated. Furthermore, increased static(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To elicit lay concepts of health and to see whether these are related to various sociodemographic factors, as has been suggested by previous smaller studies. DESIGN AND SETTING A total of 196 people aged 18 and over were selected, as a representative sample of the general population, from the electoral registers of Walsall and Dudley in(More)
Context: Intermittent claudication is a manifestation of peripheral arterial disease. The primary and most effective intervention is exercise therapy. When exercise therapy is supervised by a physical therapist, superior results on walking distance and quality of life have been found (Level I). Caregivers like physical therapists, vascular surgeons and(More)
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