H C Treutler

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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are ubiquitous in the environment; they are of concern due to their toxic properties. Anthropogenic activities could contribute in a significant way to the total burden of PAHs in remote mountain areas. In this work, we document the analysis of PAHs deposition through sedimentary records obtained in three remote(More)
The quality of both groundwaters and surface waters that arise during flooding of abandoned lignite open pits are influenced by regional and local factors. A typical regional factor is due to oxidised sedimentary sulfides. A more local factor is the interaction of shallow water with highly saline groundwater, which is important in Merseburg-Ost (Germany).(More)
The oxidation of benzene under sulfate-reducing conditions was examined in column and batch experiments under close to in situ conditions. Mass balances and degradation rates for benzene oxidation were determined in four sand and four lava granules filled columns percolated with groundwater from an anoxic benzene-contaminated aquifer. The stoichiometry of(More)
This paper reports the occurrence of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) deposition inferred from a sediment core of an Andean lake in south central Chile. Sediments were carefully collected from one of the deepest section of the lake and sliced every 1 cm. The samples were analyzed for PAHs, (137)Cs, (210)Pb, organic carbon and grain-size. The stratigraphic(More)
Within a clinical study on possible regression of arteriosclerotic processes in humans i.v. DSA-images were made and objectively evaluated. For the first time the digital system Densitron 4 was used for this. The image processing nodes of contrast enhancement, gray-scale and color conversion and stenosis evaluation by density sums are demonstrated for two(More)
Sediment cores from four Chilean lakes along the Andes Chain (Chungará, Laja, Castor and Venus) were analysed in order to investigate PCB concentrations and distributions in sediment samples. Sediment cores were analysed for PCBs using gas chromatography (GC-ECD/MS) and radioisotopically dated using 210Pb. Organic carbon content (OC) and 210Pb fluxes were(More)
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