H. C. Tang

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The generation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) has proven to be a rapid and economical approach by which to identify and characterize expressed genes. We generated 5102 ESTs from a 3-d-old embryonic zebrafish heart cDNA library. Of these, 57.6% matched to known genes, 14.2% matched only to other ESTs, and 27.8% showed no match to any ESTs or known genes.(More)
The recent availability of the sequenced and annotated DNA sequences of chromosomes 21 and 22 has initiated the next phase in the human genome project: the application of this resource. One facet of these data is that they provide a list of ordered genes along the chromosome that can be capitalized upon to determine gene position effects. Specifically, the(More)
This paper estimates the impact of monetary policy on exchange rates and stock prices of eight small open economies: and Thailand. On average across these countries in the full sample, a one percentage point surprise rise in official interest rates leads to a 1% appreciation of the exchange rate and a 0.5–1% fall in stock prices, with somewhat stronger(More)
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