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Conservation of plant genetic resources is achieved by protection of populations in nature (in situ) or by preservation of samples in gene banks (ex situ). The latter are essential for users of germplasm who need ready access. Ex situ conservation also acts as a back-up for certain segments of diversity that might otherwise be lost in nature and in(More)
A pattern of cognitive and of affective development characterizing three classes of psychiatric patients is presented: (1) disabled persons, usually unskilled laborers showing a 'somatization reaction', are unable to form abstract categories and, as well, to describe the physiological correlates of 'inner' feelings; (2) psychosomatic patients may show(More)
The authors explored determinants of psychiatric hospitalization in four Manhattan general hospital emergency rooms and found that although the nature and severity of a patient's problem played the most important role in the decision to hospitalize, the facility involved was also a determining factor. The findings are discussed in relation to policy(More)
Two groups of white male patients of the same racial stock were selected on the basis of their acceptance or rejection by psychiatric residents for extended treatment. The group of patients eagerly accepted were mostly college students with anxiety, several of a phobic type, while the completely rejected group was composed of rheumatoid arthritic patients.(More)
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