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Most cells of the dorsal epidermis exit from the mitotic cycle after division 16 in Drosophila embryogenesis. This exit is dependent on the down-regulation of Drosophila cyclin E (DmcycE) during the final mitotic cycle. Ectopic expression of DmcycE after the final mitosis induces entry into S phase and reaccumulation of G2 cyclins and results in progression(More)
Using surface electromyography the reflex response of flexor carpi radialis elicited by forcibly dorsiflexing the wrist was compared with that elicited by applying vibration percutaneously to its tendon. This was done both in patients with Parkinson's disease and in normal subjects. The reflexes were elicited on top of a pre-existing voluntary contraction(More)
Photooxidation of cumene (isopropylbenzene) and pyridine in dilute solution in natural waters gives products characteristic of reactions with alkylperoxy (RO(2).) and hydroxyl (HO.) radicals. On the basis of the rates of formation of the products, the average concentrations of RO(2). and HO. are estimated to be about 10(-9) and 10(-17) mole per liter,(More)
Low dissolved O 2 , or hypoxia, is becoming increasingly prevalent in aquatic habitats and is considered to be stressful for aerobic organisms. However, hypoxia also can be beneficial by decreasing cellular stress, particularly that related to free radicals. Therefore, an animal's ideal habitat may have the minimum O 2 necessary to sustain aerobic(More)
We have cloned a fission yeast gene, cig1+, encoding a 48 kd product that is most similar to cyclin B proteins. The cig1+ protein has a "cyclin box" approximately 40% identical to B-type cyclins of other species, but lacks the "destruction box" required for proteolysis of mitotic cyclins. Deletion of cig1+ had no observable effect on cell viability or(More)
1. The reflex electromyographic responses evoked in a wrist flexor muscle, flexor carpi radialis (f.c.r.), by forcible extension of the wrist ('stretch') and by vibration of the flexor tendon have been studied in normal subjects. Reflexes were elicited during the maintenance of a low level of voluntary flexor contraction (5% maximum). Stretch regularly(More)
1. Stable extracellular unitary recordings were made from 138 cerebellar interpositus nuclear neurones (IPNs) in awake cats. Mean background discharge, in animals in a state of relaxed wakefulness and in the absence of overt movement, was 41.0+/-2.6 impulses/sec (mean+/-s.e.m).2. Animals were trained to accept a variety of sensory testing procedures without(More)
The surface electromyographic (EMG) reflex responses of the voluntarily contracting flexor carpi radialis evoked by 'stretch' and by tendon vibration have been compared in patients with spasticity of the upper limb, arising from upper motor neuron lesions, and normal subjects. Reflex responses to 'stretch' comprised increases in EMG activity lasting up to(More)
Laser palatoplasty (LPP) is widely used for the treatment of non-apnoeic snoring, despite the lack of objective data supporting its use. We report measurements of snoring in a prospective study of LPP, and we compare the results with a previous study of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). Twenty patients with an apnoea/hypopnoea index < 20 h-1 underwent LPP(More)
The isothermal structural relaxation of glassy, spin-cast polymer thin films has been investigated. Specifically, the thickness h of freshly cast poly(methyl methacrylate) thin films was measured over time using spectroscopic ellipsometry. The spin-cast films exhibit a gradual decrease in thickness, which is attributed to structural relaxation of the glass(More)