H. C. Nguyen

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Current cancer therapies including cytotoxic chemotherapy, radiation and hyperthermic therapy induce acute proteotoxic stress in tumour cells. A major challenge to cancer therapeutic efficacy is the recurrence of therapy-resistant tumours and how to overcome their emergence. The current study examines the concept that tumour cell exposure to acute(More)
Racemic 5,9-dimethylpentadecane and 5,9-dimethylhexadecane, the major and minor constituents, respectively, of the sex pheromone of Leucoptera coffeella, have been synthesized from citronellol in 56-58% overall yield through six steps. Ultrasound irradiation efficiently supported tosylation of alcohols (two steps) as well as the subsequent cross coupling(More)
This talk focuses on the development of a new space and time adaptive method for incompressible flows. We start with an overview about the anisotropic mesh adaptation, introduced in [1]. The latter method is developed using a posteriori estimates relying on the length distribution tensor approach and the associated edge based error analysis. The key point(More)
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