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This study tested whether information obtained from an inventory of denture-related variables can help a dentist recognise the potentially slowly adapting denture patient. Sixty-one patients completed an inventory of denture complaints prior to the fabrication of complete maxillary and mandibular dentures. Subjects were subsequently divided into groups of(More)
An adjustable easily located impression tray handle was used as a device to control tongue position and muscular forces for mandibular complete denture impression-making. This technique is indicated where advanced residual ridge resorption is present. A denture made with a lingual guiding ramp conforming to such an impression is not a panacea for all(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to facilitate the recognition of denture patients who are unable to adapt to conventional dentures and who are likely to benefit from treatment using implant-supported prostheses. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-nine patients who where referred for postgraduate prosthetic treatment at Wits Dental School completed a(More)
  • H Kotkin
  • The Journal of prosthetic dentistry
  • 1985
An inventory of denture complaints should be completed by patients who request replacement dentures prior to a diagnostic interview. Patient responses are often more spontaneous and unguarded and will reveal problems that might otherwise remain concealed. A more fruitful interview with the dentist will facilitate the information of a treatment plan that(More)
There is a certain "look" that has become the ideal of attractiveness in our society. This appearance may be due to masseteric hypertrophy, which can have an extraordinary effect on facial form. A case is presented and discussed. The practitioner should be alert to investigate further when treating patients with this look. Thorough medical and dental(More)
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