H C Greenspan

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Evidence supports the premise that a pro-oxidant condition exists in HIV-seropositive patients, a result of an overabundance in production of reactive oxygen forms combined with a multilevel deficiency in nutritional and metabolic sources of antioxidants. Apoptosis (a programmed cell death) is recognized as a possible pathway of immune cell loss in patients(More)
Currently, several prominent researchers are investigating the role of reactive oxygen and free radicals in the activation of latent HIV in infected individuals. Early clinical applications of free radical scavengers and plant-based antioxidant systems have shown promise of efficacy in altering this process. This manuscript demonstrates a premise for the(More)
The cascade of events resulting from 'oxidative stress' is markedly similar to that which can initiate apoptosis, a possible mechanism of immune-cell loss in patients with HIV infection and AIDS. Since primary and secondary metabolites found in plants can act as synergistic antioxidants, and can prevent oxidation-induced cell death, Howard Greenspan and(More)
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