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This paper describes a method to recognize off-line handwritten Sinhala characters, the language used by the majority of Sri Lanka. The classification approach is based on discrete hidden Markov models. A subset of the Sinhala alphabet was chosen for the study. The unknown characters are first pre-classified into one of three character groups, based on the(More)
This article presents a database of images of handwritten city names. The aim is to provide a standard database for Sinhala handwriting recognition research. This database contains about 15,000 images of about 500 city names of Sri Lanka. These images are obtained from the addresses of live mail so that the writers had no idea that they would be used for(More)
A trial fibrillation (AF) occurs in between 12% and 44% of patients after pulmonary and esophageal surgery. Its occurrence is associated with increased pulmonary complications, increased length of stay, and increased mortality [1, 2]. Although numerous articles have been written on postoperative AF, specific recommendations for the prophylaxis and treatment(More)
OBJECTIVE A retrospective analysis of a prospectively maintained database to evaluate our experience in elderly patients (>70 years) undergoing Thoracolaparoscopic esophagectomy for cancer oesophagus. To ascertain whether age, is a limiting factor for patients undergoing minimally invasive esophagectomy. METHODS All Patients above 70 years of age,(More)
Although the Tumor-Node-Metastasis staging of non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) is the most effective predictor of survival, the clinical outcome of patients at each stage is variable on an individual case basis. We tested the value of incorporating information about the tumor heterogeneity of NSCLC into microsatellite allelotyping in a cohort of 48(More)
OBJECTIVE Benign airway strictures can be complex and challenging to manage. Although resection is preferred, this is not always feasible, and hence, endoscopic therapies are often performed. However, endoscopic therapies can be problematic, with granulation tissue and fibrosis leading to early failure. Spray cryotherapy (SC) is a new approach that may(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been shown to be reliable early biomarkers in a variety of cancers including that of lung. We ascertained whether the biomarker potential of miRNAs could be validated in microscopically normal and easily accessible buccal epithelial brushings from cigarette smokers as a consequence of lung cancer linked 'field carcinogenesis'. We(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is commonly associated with morbid obesity (MO). Antireflux surgery has a higher failure rate in MO and addresses only one of the comorbidities present. This paper reviews the results of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGBP) performed for recalcitrant GERD in MO. METHODS Patients(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to assess the impact of age following laparoscopic fundoplication (LF). METHODS From March 1993 to November 1998, 193 patients underwent LF. Patients comprised 150 young individuals (age<60; median 41) and 43 older individuals (age>60; median 68). Follow-up included heartburn scores, dysphagia(More)