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This article focuses on the treatment of depression with special reference to pharmacotherapy. The treatment-resistant case and the possible means of resolving its problems are highlighted. The role of ECT will be considered. Long-term maintenance treatment with antidepressant medication for patients with cyclic occurrences is recommended.
Anxiolytic and neuroleptic drugs offer a pharmacotherapeutic approach to the treatment of anxiety. A proper diagnosis and a complete understanding of the clinical picture is essential before choosing the class, specific drug, and dosage. Anxiolytics may be used in the neuroses and as adjuncts in other disorders (ex. depression) with a strong anxiety(More)
This was a 1-year study of fluvoxamine in 31 depressed male and female patients with a history of chronic recurring depression of various types. Fluvoxamine has a rapid action with lifting of the mood often within 4-7 days, in a dosage range from 150 to 200 mg/day. Suicidal ideation in 8 patients disappeared within 5-6 days. There were few side effects.(More)