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— This study, consisting of three complimentary topics , examines of the millimeter-wave backscattering behavior of terrain at incidence angles extending between 70 and 90 , corresponding to grazing angles of 20 to 0. The first topic addresses the character of the statistical variability of the radar backscattering cross section per unit area A. Based on an(More)
There has been increased interest in applying radio frequency (RF) imaging to solving problems in surveillance, situational awareness, and security screening. This has been brought about by recent advances and new programs in component development from 100 GHz to 1 THz. While no new phenomenology has been uncovered in this region, the potential to finally(More)
As military combat platforms take on more challenging roles and missions, their need for advanced communications and sensors for both survivability and lethality has increased. Unfortunately the size, weight, and power (SWAP) available to accommodate these new capabilities has not grown proportionately, nor is it likely to. Many of these new capabilities(More)
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