H. Breitwieser

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OBJECTIVE A variety of medical robots have been developed in recent years. MRI, including MR angiography and morphological imaging, with its excellent soft-tissue contrast is attractive for the development of interventional MRI-guided therapies and operations. This paper presents a telerobotic device for use in CT- and/or MR-guided radiological(More)
In this paper the design, construction, technical characteristics, functionality and control scheme of a new modular hand-arm robot system are presented. This system is designed for applications in robotic and rehabilitation medicine. The development of novel, compact modules is based on flexible fluidic actuators which are equipped with measurement and(More)
An n-failure-resilient protocol for distributed transaction processing regarding site crash, network partitioning, and local failures like abort of subtransactions is specified. The three-phased protocol contains concurrency control, a mechanism enforcing mutual consistency, and commitment based on majority consensus w.r.t. multiple copies of entities. To(More)
Today's rigid endoscopic instruments limit the intracorporeal mobility of the surgical tool and are a severe impediment for the further spread of endoscopic techniques in operative medicine. Since 1992 flexible, steerable instruments with additional links for pivoting and rotating the tip have been developed and experimentally evaluated. The latest versions(More)
The actuation principle of spider legs has served as an analogue for several technological fields. The current generation of Flexible Fluidic actuators (FFA) follows this principle and pushes their performance to meet industrial requirements. These new actuators are fabricated in a new two step vulcanization process with specially developed rubber(More)
The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a well-established vertebrate model organism. Its embryos are used extensively in biology and medicine to perform chemical screens to identify drug candidates or to evaluate teratogenicity and embryotoxicity of substances. Behavioral readouts are increasingly used to assess the effects of compounds on the nervous system. Early(More)