H. Bouzerzour

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The yield of 186 F4 barley breeding lines, under stress and non-stress conditions, utilizing four stress indices: S (stress susceptibility index); P (yield deviation between genotype and best genotype in given environment); b (regression coefficient) and PCA (principal component analysis) scores, was investigated in an experiment carried out at the(More)
The economic losses caused by plant pathogens, the development of genetic resistance to applied pesticides by major pathogenic bacteria and public concerns about the use of synthetic chemicals on food and environment, increased interest in the search of alternative safe methods to control diseases spreading. Biological control with plant extracts has(More)
A prime objective for improving perennial grasses for Mediterranean environments is the identification and selection of genotypes well adapted to semi-arid conditions. This study was conducted at an experimental site in Algeria over three consecutive seasons, with the aim of evaluating the agronomic performance and genetic diversity of 13 cultivars of two(More)
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