H. Boehme

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The [2Fe-2S] ferredoxin produced in the heterocyst cells of Anabaena 7120 plays a key role in nitrogen fixation, where it serves as an electron acceptor from various sources and an electron donor to nitrogenase. Crystals of recombinant heterocyst ferredoxin, coded for by the fdx H gene from Anabaena 7120 and overproduced in Escherichia coli, have been grown(More)
In a double blind, randomized multicenter study naftidrofuryl, a vasoactive substance, was compared with placebo in the treatment of 104 patients with chronic arterial occlusive disease. After a run-in period of four weeks the patients received either naftidrofuryl (600 mg daily) or placebo over 12 weeks. The pain-free and the total walking distances(More)
We present a rapidly learning neural control architecture for sensory-based navigation of a mobile robot and compare the learning dynamics and the navigation behavior in the context of diierent implemented network approaches and learning schemes. Our control architecture is a combination of i) alternative vector quantiza-tion techniques (Neural gas and(More)
The article presents a neural architecture for gesture-based interaction between a mobile robot and its user. One of the main goals of our research is the greatest possible robustness of the intelligent interface under highly varying environmental conditions. After a short introduction of our mobile robot, a discussion of a reliable operation scenario and(More)
This paper describes a user detection system which employs a saliency system delivering a rough and fast estimate of the position of a potential user. This saliency system consists of a vision (skin color) and a sonar based component, which are combined to make the estimate more reliable. To make the skin color detection robust under varying illumination(More)
We were unable to trace an unmistakable correlation between changes on the fundus of the eye and changes on the conjunctiva neither by taking the sum of single findings at the bulbar conjunctiva nor by using a respective index. I.e. the findings of the bulbar conjunctiva are not correlative neither to the stages of diabetic retinopathy nor the duration of(More)
BACKGROUND Although salmonellosis is one of the most common childhood illnesses associated with enteric bacteria, breastfed babies do not often get infected with Salmonella. In such cases it is therefore necessary to look carefully for the source of infection. PATIENT It is reported an 8-week-old female infant with acute haemorrhagic diarrhoea and fever.(More)