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A 25-year-old, deaf-blind, mentally retarded male was treated for chronic self-choking using water mist treatment and positive reinforcement. During pre-treatment baseline, self-chokes occurred at a rate of 2.09 per minute. During treatment sessions each self-choke was followed by water misting of the subject's face paired with a forceful "No!". Periods of(More)
Two middle-aged men with mental retardation, addicted to smoking cigarettes, operated spinners that determined the probability with which they could obtain cigarettes and other items. Absence of several maladaptive behaviors permitted the operation of the spinners hourly (i.e., DRO 60 min), 16 h per day, 7 days per week. The actual frequencies of obtaining(More)
Cyclical self-injurious behavior (SIB) in the form of self-slapping was treated in a 45-year-old, profoundly retarded woman who had a life-long history of SIB. Her SIB alternated between high (mean = 8.54 responses per min; SD = 6.77 and low (mean = 0.05 responses per min; SD = 0.20) frequencies every 8 weeks on average. Instances of self-slapping produced(More)
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