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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Since the first report in 1997 by Dr Nuss of the technique for minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum (MIRPE), the popularity and demand for this operation has increased dramatically. Many pediatric surgeons became familiarized with MIRPE and have applied it to a large number of patients. Outcomes and complications have not yet(More)
Because of the devastating consequences of midgut volvulus as a result of malrotation, we reviewed the charts of 70 consecutive children to define the spectrum of presentation. Although 27 patients (39%) had presenting symptoms within the first ten days of life, 35 (50%) were older than 2 months of age. In general, the older children had a longer course of(More)
Children with sickle cell disease, well known to have a high incidence of cholelithiasis, are frequently admitted to the hospital for episodes of abdominal pain. Before the advent of laparoscopy, few children with sickle cell and cholelithiasis underwent cholecystectomy unless absolutely necessary, because of the high morbidity of an open cholecystectomy(More)
Anti-reflux procedures have been advocated in children with profound neurologic disability referred for feeding gastrostomy when gastroesophageal reflux is present. Facilitation of care, reduction in pneumonia and vomiting, and improvement in the general health and survival of these children have been major goals of fundoplication and gastrostomy. In large(More)
BACKGROUND "One-stop surgery" (OSS) allows pediatric patients to undergo initial surgical evaluation, anesthesia, surgery, and discharge home, on the same day. METHODS Patients referred for umbilical hernia repair, circumcision, or central venous catheter removal completed a screening questionnaire, after which they were scheduled for initial surgical and(More)
Sir, A 6-month-old girl with multiple congenital anomalies was referred to our hospital with sepsis and recurrent abdominal distention. Serial daily abdomen films showed the liver alternating its position in the abdomen, first in the right upper quadrant (Fig. 1 a), then in the left (Fig. 1 b). Right and left lateral decubitus films confirmed that the liver(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Beta glucan collagen matrix (BGC), which combines the carbohydrate beta-glucan with collagen, has been used as a temporary coverage for adult partial thickness burns with reported good results. Observed advantages of BGC coverage include reduction of pain, improved healing, and better scar appearance. Potentially even more important in(More)
Twenty years ago, we reviewed the pediatric surgical experience with traumatic pancreatitis and pseudocysts at a large children's hospital. That series encompassed 13 years, during which time 23 cases were found. Six of these had pseudocysts, five of which were managed by external catheter drainage and one by excision. The present series spans 10 years and(More)
OBJECTIVE We performed this study to identify the role of radiology in the diagnosis, treatment, and complications of esophageal foreign bodies in children. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the charts and radiographs of 123 esophageal foreign bodies seen in 118 children at the Medical University of South Carolina from May 1980 through May(More)