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This Scintigraphy represents a tool for exploring functional property shown in several pathologies. Take the example of the ventriculair ejection fraction, the renal clearance and the thyroid activity. However, scintigraphic images are strongly affected by noise. So, our objective in this work is to improve scintigraphic images to obtain sharper images and(More)
Scintigraphic images are generally affected by a Poisson type random noise which diminishes qualitatively and quantitatively the images. Restoration techniques aim to “find” an object from one (or several) degraded observation(s). The objective of the restoration is then to produce an image closer to the physical reality. So that the restoration is(More)
Classical fusion techniques of medical images don't take into consideration the subjective evaluations of doctors, although, perception represents a reliable and efficient evaluation criterion. The human visual system HVS is mathematically represented by the Contrast Sensitivity function (CSF) which defines the rates of visual contrast sensitivity through(More)
The Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) exams are known for their long durations. It is then interesting to reduce these durations which is considered, in its self, as a degradation cause of the scintigraphic images quality. In fact, patient's movements during the examination procedure cause the appearance of motion artifacts. On the other(More)
The adequate use of ultrasound permits the measurement of carbon dioxide pressure in a two-phase flow fluid. The proposed method relies on the measurement of radial mixture velocities acquired from ultrasound data by Doppler effect. The gas pressure is calculated knowing the measured radial velocities using Drift flux model and Young-Laplace equations The(More)
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