H. Berghäuser

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A. Käser a, J. Ahrens c, J.R.M. Annand d, H.J. Arends c, K. Bantawa e, P.A. Bartolome c, R. Beck f, V. Bekrenev g, H. Berghäuser h, A. Braghieri i, D. Branford j, W.J. Briscoe k, J. Brudvik l, S. Cherepnyam, S. Costanza i, B. Demissie k, M. Dieterle a, E.J. Downie c,d,k, P. Drexler h, L.V. Fil’kovm, A. Fix b, D.I. Glazier d, D. Hamilton d, E. Heid c, D.(More)
P. Adlarson,1 F. Afzal,2 P. Aguar-Bartolomé,1 Z. Ahmed,3 C. S. Akondi,4 J. R. M. Annand,5 H. J. Arends,1 K. Bantawa,4 R. Beck,2 H. Berghäuser,6 M. Biroth,1 N. S. Borisov,7 A. Braghieri,8 W. J. Briscoe,9 S. Cherepnya,10 F. Cividini,1 C. Collicott,11,12 S. Costanza,8,13 A. Denig,1 M. Dieterle,14 E. J. Downie,1,9 P. Drexler,1 M. I. Ferretti Bondy,1 L. V.(More)
We report the first large-acceptance measurement of polarization transfer from a polarized photon beam to a recoiling nucleon. The measurement pioneers a novel polarimetry technique, which can be applied to many other nuclear and hadron physics experiments. The commissioning reaction of 1H(γ, p)π0 in the range 0.4<Eγ<1.4  GeV validates the technique and(More)
A precision measurement of the differential cross sections dσ/dΩ and the linearly polarized photon asymmetry Σ≡(dσ⊥-dσ∥)/(dσ⊥+dσ∥) for the γp→π0p reaction in the near-threshold region has been performed with a tagged photon beam and almost 4π detector at the Mainz Microtron. The Glasgow-Mainz photon tagging facility along with the Crystal Ball/TAPS(More)
81 patients with renal abnormalities or renal disorders of different genesis and severity with and without restricted renal function were investigated by means of the classical PAH- and inulin-clearance. Furthermore a radioisotope nephrography was carried out after application of I 131-Hippuran followed by Cr 51-EDTA. In addition the activity reduction was(More)
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