H Ben Sik Ali

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of catecholamine therapy on the accuracy of capillary glucose measurements in hyperglycemic patients. PARTICIPANTS 43 hyperglycemic patients older than 18 years admitted to the intensive care unit of a tertiary medical center were included from December 2005 to March 2006. MEASUREMENTS This prospective study compares(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficiency of a 7-day antibiotics regimen with a 10-day regimen for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). STUDY DESIGN Prospective randomized study. PATIENTS AND METHODS Adults patients ventilated for more than 48 hours in the intensive care unit (ICU) with a clinical diagnosis of VAP documented by positive quantitative(More)
INTRODUCTION Severe community-acquired pneumonia (SCAP) remains a major cause of death. The aim of this study was to describe the main clinical and bacteriological features and to determine predictive factors for death in patients with SCAP who were admitted in intensive care unit (ICU) in a Tunisian setting. METHOD It is a retrospective study conducted(More)
The Von Recklinghausen disease is a genetic hereditary neurofibromatosis. It causes neurofibroma, axillary and inguinal lentigines, and café-au-lait spots in the skin. It may affect the lung in 5 to 20% of cases, causing neurofibroma, infiltrative and cystic lesions, emphysematous or bubble injury leading to a chronic respiratory failure. The risk of(More)
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