H. Barros

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Down syndrome (DS) is the most common aneuploid chromosomal disorder at birth. Phenotypic characteristics include mental retardation, general hypotonia, pharyngeal hypoplasia, frequently constricted maxillary arch with macroglossia and upper air way obstruction. Generally they have marked language difficulties and a characteristic voice. This prospective(More)
Considering that the current immunoassays are not able to distinguish the infective forms that cause Toxoplasma gondii infection, the present study was carried out to evaluate the reactivity of two recombinant proteins (CCp5A and OWP1) from oocyst/sporozoite, in order to differentiate infections occurring by ingestion of oocysts or tissue cysts. The(More)
— Attempts by the research community to meet the expectations arising from the future internet systems, and specifically to provide Quality of Service (QoS) for multimedia multiuser sessions, have resulted in mechanisms such as MultiUser Aggregated Resource Allocation (MARA) which coordinate the control of class-based bandwidth and multicast resources in a(More)
Background: Due to Lesotho's high adult HIV prevalence (23%), considerable resources have been allocated to the HIV/AIDS response, while resources for non-communicable diseases have lagged. Since November 2011, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) has supported Lesotho Ministry of Health to roll out Family Health Days (FHDs), an innovative(More)
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