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Signal degradation and an array size dictated by the number of available interconnects are the two main limitations inherent to standalone microelectrode arrays (MEAs). A new biochip consisting of an array of microelectrodes with fully-integrated analog and digital circuitry realized in an industrial CMOS process addresses these issues. The device is(More)
An array of platinum electrodes has been integrated with an-alog and digital circuitry in standard CMOS technology for stimulation and recording of natural neural networks. The array utilizes a shifted electrode design that has been electrically characterized and modeled. The electrode and its circuitry form a repeatable unit, which can be multiplied to(More)
For the first time a packaged single-chip anemometry microsystem is reported. The system includes a thermal CMOS flow sensor with on-chip power management, signal conditioning, and A/D conversion. It is fabricated using an industrial IC process followed by post-CMOS micromachin-ing. The system is packaged on a flexible substrate using flip-chip(More)
A novel tactile device based on a monolithically integrated sensor chip is presented for external blood pressure measurement. It uses a tonometric principle, thus allowing for continuous monitoring of the blood pressure without the need for an invasive catheter. On the chip, the deflection of membranes in an array is sensed capacitively and read out using a(More)
The numerical analysis of carrier transport in magnetic-field-sensitive integrated bipolar transistors is presented. The resulting distributions of potential and current density were obtained for a lateral CMOS NPN dual-collector magne totransistor, in the presence of a magnetic field perpendicular to the device surface.