H. Bahlouli

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We study the three-dimensional Dirac and Klein-Gordon equations with scalar and vector potentials of equal amplitudes as an attempt to present a critique for the interpretation of this class of problems which has recently been accumulating interest. We consider a large class of these problems in which the potentials are noncentral (angulardependent) such(More)
We obtain exact scattering solutions of the Dirac equation in 1 1 dimensions for a double square barrier vector potential. The potential bottom between the two barriers is chosen to be higher than 2mc2, whereas the top of the barriers is at least 2mc2 above the bottom. The relativistic version of the conventional double barrier transmission resonances is(More)
Scattering of a matter-wave single soliton and two-soliton molecule incident on the modified Pöschl-Teller potential well has been studied by means of a collective coordinate approach and numerical simulations of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. Despite the attractive nature of the potential we observe total reflection of solitons in particular ranges of(More)
Using a variational approach, we obtained the interaction potential between two discrete solitons in optical waveguide arrays. The resulting potential bears the two features of soliton-soliton and soliton-waveguide interaction potentials where the former is similar to that of the continuum case and the latter is similar to the effective Pierls-Nabarro(More)
In solving the eigenvalue wave equation, we relax the usual diagonal constraint on its matrix representation by allowing it to be tridiagonal. This results in a larger representation space that incorporates an analytic solution for the noncentral electric dipole pole potential cos theta/r2, which was believed not to belong to the class of exactly solvable(More)
For potential barriers with scalar and vector coupling, we show that a Dirac particle could experience nearly full transmission within a wide sub-barrier energy band. Moreover, for certain potential configurations, including pseudo-spin symmetry where the scalar potential is the negative of the vector, full transmission occurs for arbitrarily small(More)
We propose a mechanism by which a number of useful all-optical operations, such as switches, diodes, and logic gates, can be performed with a single device. An effective potential well is obtained by modulating the coupling between the waveguides through their separations. Depending on the power of a control soliton injected through the potential well, an(More)
Bilayer graphene can exhibit deformations such that the two graphene sheets are locally detached from each other resulting in a structure consisting of domains with different van der Waals inter-layer coupling. Here we investigate how the presence of these domains affects the transport properties of bilayer graphene. We derive analytical expressions for the(More)
We report in this paper the analytical and numerical results on the effect of amplification on the transmission and reflection coefficient of a periodic one-dimensional KronigPenney lattice. A qualitative agreement is found with the tight-binding model where the transmission and reflection increase for small lengths before strongly oscillating with a(More)
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