H. Badalyan

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Microorganisms have a large number of tools to withstand different, and sometimes strong, environmental stresses, including irradiation, but this ability should be further evaluated for certain applications. Growth inhibition and morphological alterations of Escherichia coli M-17 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa GRP3 wild-type cells caused by UV-A irradiation(More)
In this work it is experimentally shown that depending on the dose of irradiation the shape parameters of erythrocytes population of peripheral blood exhibit specific changes in the early post-radiation period. As a result of low dose irradiation (35μSv/h) during 5 minute by 226Ra, the rigidity of erythrocytes membrane was occurred, which was accompanied by(More)
Microorganisms are part of the natural environments and reflect the effects of different physical factors of surrounding environment, such as gamma (γ) radiation. This work was devoted to the study of the influence of low doses of γ radiation with the intensity of 2.56 μW (m2 s)−1 (absorbed doses were 3.8 mGy for the radiation of 15 min and 7.2 mGy—for 30(More)
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