H B Wyssling

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A total of 111 women with no ultrasonographic findings of polycystic ovarian syndrome were observed between January 1989 and December 1991 in an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) programme. The treatment schedule involved ovulation induction after treatment with a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist, using standard doses of human menopausal(More)
A multi-centre, randomized trial was conducted to compare the efficacy and side-effects of two combination regimens of the antiprogestin RU 486 and the intramuscular PGE2 analogue sulprostone for termination of early pregnancy (amenorrhoea up to 49 days). Women in the 3-day group (n = 125) received 25 mg RU 486 twice daily for 3 days plus a single injection(More)
Twenty infertile patients with normal tubal patency were inseminated intraperitoneally (11 once, seven twice, and two three times) with spermatozoa (mean 14 x 10(6), range 0.6-48 x 10(6)) prepared by the standard swim-up technique. The occurrence of immunization to spermatozoa was looked for by the Gelatin Agglutination Test (GAT) and Tray Agglutination(More)
Echoguided transvaginal oocyte retrieval gives good results even when carried out after a short training course. This study compares the results obtained by a group of physicians with long experience and a newly-trained group. No significant differences were found in the percentages of follicles punctured (87.9% vs 91.9%), of oocytes recovered (62.8 vs(More)
Multiple ovulation was induced in 122 hypogonadotrophic IVF patients with large doses of HMG. The hypogonadotrophic state, short and reversible, was obtained by nasal administration of a GnRH agonist (200 micrograms, five times per day). In the 97 induced cycles, a mean of 9.1 follicles was recorded. A comparison of the results obtained for 36 patients who(More)
All IVF programs have a consistent rate of failure in inducing ovulations. Pharmacological induction of ovulation is otherwise crucial for an IVF program because of the need for more than one ovum. Since it is well known that the best candidates for HMG treatment are hypogonadotropic women a short reversible hypogonadotropic state was induced in IVF(More)