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In order to realize polarization and aperture reconfiguration, an array based on dual-polarization multilayer micro-strip patch antenna is presented. Several polarization reconfigurable techniques and their properties are described. The dual-polarization antenna is introduced for its orthogonal polarization basis and geometry characteristic. It can(More)
This paper presents a Cassegrain reflector system consisted of a curved frequency selective surface (CFSS) for a sub-reflector. The CFSS, a conformal hyperboloid with circular ring elements, reflects W-band and transmits infrared region. We designed three CFSS models using different methods. The results not only showed that antenna patterns for the system(More)
In order to meet the requirements for reconfiguration and multi-polarization, an array with seven subarrays is designed. The subarray has a shape of regular hexagon, and contains two orthogonal polarization feed ports. The angel error extraction method for this asymmetric array is discussed. After regrouping and weighting of subarrays, the sum and(More)
In this paper, a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) radome with a horn system was analyzed. A new coupled resonator spatial filter (CRSF) consisting of hexagon patch and circular aperture was firstly used in W-band. The FSS element shows stable performance with the polarization state and angle of incident wave. The horn composed of the FSS radome placed in(More)
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