H. B. Skrdlant

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The role of the biliary system in excretion of amphotericin B was explored in a dog model that allowed either external diversion of all bile or complete biliary obstruction. In dogs with biliary diversion, which were given a single dose of amphotericin B intravenously, excretion of amphotericin B in the bile lasted for seven to 10 days and accounted for(More)
The hydrazone of hydralazine and pyruvic acid (HPH) has been recognized as a quantitatively important metabolite of hydralazine in human plasma. We evaluated the disposition of [14C] HPH after its i.v. administration to normal, anephric and probenecid-pretreated rabbits. Renal clearance of HPH in normal rabbits exceeded the glomerular filtration rate by a(More)
A specific, high-performance liquid chromatographic technique for the measurement of hydralazine pyruvic acid hydrazone is described. This method utilized reversed-phase chromatography for the separation of this hydrophilic metabolite of hydralazine from other fluid constituents present in serum, plasma, or urine of human volunteers and rabbits receiving(More)
Metabolism of the vasodilator hydralazine was investigated by in vivo and in vitro studies. Standards to identify metabolic products were synthesized. Determination and quantification of hydralazine and its metabolites were accomplished by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. A deuterium-labeled internal standard was used for quantification. 14C-labeled(More)
A thin-layer chromatographic procedure is described for the qualitative identification of several antihypertensive drugs including certain thiazide diuretics spironolactone, triamterene, methyldopa and their metabolites. Utilization of new solvent developing systems and spray detecting reagents provides a method useful for the identification of these(More)
We have defined special conditions for the preparation of an acetone powder of rat liver microsomes which is capable of converting squalene to cholesterol in high yield. This preparation is also useful for the demonstration of cofactor requirements for certain reactions in sterol biosynthesis. Buffer washed acetone powders are virtually completely dependent(More)